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A force of positivity, James Mcleod is dedicated to shaping bodies and minds through self-love and inclusivity. Growing up with Vitiligo, James overcame great adversity and bullying. He now shares his story as a motivational speaker, social influencer, personal trainer, and author. You can find James at schools, youth programs, churches, and on social media inspiring others. James released his first children’s book The Boy Behind The Face and has been featured in the global fashion magazine, “CR Fashion Book”. Now, James has dedicated his life to supporting and inspiring others to overcome their insecurities and fears. Join James to “Smile and let your happy shine!

The Boy Behind The Face

The Boy Behind the Face

James didn’t like that he looked different than everyone else. He wasn’t scared of a monster hiding under his bed, he was scared of the monster he saw in the mirror every day – until he decides he doesn’t want to be sad and afraid anymore. James becomes his own superhero and chases the monster away with bravery, kindness & love!

Boy Behind The Face


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