The journey is just beginning

There’s no hiding with this face. The world notices.
The noticing hurt. The bullying. The teasing. Too many years of channeling his anger in all the wrong ways. No more.
James decided to make his spirit shine so bright that that was what they’d see. His ‘positivity’ fills a room. This trailer is @cork_factory_films introduction to James Mcleod. Raw. Real. Unscripted. There’s lots to tell. The journey is just beginning.

I remember this  school pictures like yesterday. The reason why is that I was left back in second grade. At Woodside Elementary school, I was given a fresh start with a teacher that wanted to help me. I went to speech class and my teachers made sure I got the extra help I needed. I finished grades 2 to 6 at Woodside, and I’m still friends with most of these people in this pictures.

I’m so honored that @emzdrawings did this amazing art work of me. Rock your “flaws,” embrace your “imperfections!”  Beauty comes from within and shines from your soul! 

Family Life Academy Charter School



Everyday is amazing, but today was super amazing! My  friend Jisell Sanchez  asked me to  share my experiences  at a career day at the school where she is a guidance counselor,  Family Life Academy Charter School in the Bronx, New York 


Enter I had an awesome time with the kids and met so many amazing  and inspiring teachers. I talked  to the kids about making fitness super exciting, showed them a little bit about DJ’ing and tried to inspire them to reach for the stars and achieve their goals.


When you give, you get. I got so much joy from interacting with these kids.  Their smiles made me smile, and I feel that I took so much more from today than I gave.IMG_7425

Remember, happiness is contagious, spread a positive message, pay it forward, and shine bright!!!IMG_7419.jpg