Children’s Book

The Boy Behind the Face is James McLeod’s first children’s book. In it he shares his story of growing up with vitiligo, dealing with bullying and insecurity, and how he overcame both to become his own superhero! This is a perfect book for children dealing with bullying or self-doubt, or for any child, to teach lessons in kindness and bravery.


Touching and Inspiring Story

This book is such an inspiration to children and adults, alike. It is touching and personal. James is amazing author, that has taken his own personal experiences and shared them in such an incredible way that not only teaches children to be proud of who they are, but expect others. I can… I will… I must… Is the message that James conveys to his young readers. My class had the honor and privilege of hearing his story first hand, an experience they will never forget.

Beauty is more than skin deep

James Mcleod has written a beautiful and inspiring book for children and adults with a powerful message of how his deep inner strength allowed him to literally “face adversity” and in doing so, overcome it. This is a wonderful book for anyone who has struggled with issues of self worth in a sometimes cruel and superficial world. The lessons are invaluable and the story is as beautiful as James himself is. Order it today!

The powerful message behind the face

A heartwarming real story about a boy facing his fears and discovering his own power to cope with bullying and everyday hardships. This little book is full of positive messages that would be very inspiring and motivating for kids as well as grown ups.

Amazing Story

The superhero who chases the monster away with bravery kindness and love anyone who knows someone who has vitiligo or knows a person with it I encourage you to get this book and teach your little ones about it and that it’s ok to be different my girls enjoyed it a family who reads together stays together This is book is a must read.

Such a powerful children book

This book is such a powerful children’s book that I enjoyed reading with my daughter. It sent such a beautiful message about how being different isn’t a bad thing, it’s actually pretty amazing! It tackled many issues that children go through and how taking insecurities or differences and making it into a superpower. I can not stress how well written this book was for children of all ages. Sent such a powerful message- that my daughter (5yrs) wanted to read it again as soon as she woke up! Can’t wait for the next book!

Our vitiligo kiddos can all be superheroes!

A wonderful book showing not only children with vitiligo, but all children how to see themselves as amazing!! It’s such a blessing to be able to share these books with the vitiligo community, and to help teach others too!

An inspiring story for ALL ages!

This is a beautiful story about the author’s childhood and experience with embracing adversity and their own diversity. A crucial lesson to love yourself as. you. are.

Light and Courage

James radiates light and courage, and his life story is a truly inspiring one. Now he has distilled that story into a children’s book that will inspire a younger generation to look inside to find their own strength and beauty — a message that any parent can gratefully embrace.