Speaking Engagements

Speaker Availability

Speaking engagements are available year round. It is never too early to book ahead for the following year.

Presentations are geared to be age appropriate – James speaks to groups of all ages, from pre-schoolers to adults. A typical presentation is 40 minutes, including 20 minutes to allow for questions and interaction with the audience.

Fees for speaking engagements vary depending on the size of the audience and any related travel time.

Please fill out the form on this website to for more information or to schedule James to speak at your location.


We would like to extend a heartfelt note of thanks to you for taking time out of your hectic schedule to share your wealth of knowledge with our scholars. For many scholars, the thought of a career seems so far away, however, being able to interact and discuss the specific requirements of a particular occupation can reinforce the importance of academic excellence.

It was imperative that our scholars had the opportunity to see a variety of careers articulated, knowing that they too have the ability to pursue any career of their dreams. You demonstrated a passion for what you do, and our scholars were highly excited and engaged as evidenced by the myriad of questions posed. By sharing your knowledge with our scholars, you have further enriched and positively written on their life script. For that we are truly grateful. 

Again, thank you for sharing your professional expertise with our scholars and contributing to the positive development of our youth. It was indeed our pleasure to have you in our school. We hope you can attend future career days at our school.

Debra Friday, Principal
Annette Perez, Elementary School Assistant Principal
Michael Alder, Middle School Assistant Principal
Family Life Academy Charter Schools

James presented his message to our elementary school and everyone was in awe. He is an inspiration for all! His courage and tenacity in the face of challenge is not only admirable, it is remarkable. James delivered his powerful message – looks do not define a person, their spirit does. Everyone left James’ presentation with a new outlook on life.

Marc P. Baiocco, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools, Elmsford Union Free School District

James Mcleod visited my school in Friday, May 3, for my Third period 10 o’clock class. He arrived early and met the Principal and some staff before coming to my room. His personality was dynamic and cordial to all the students informally greeting them upon entering my class. Once his Presentation began, my students who can be a tough crowd, listened in rapt attention as he showed 2 brief video’s and a picture slide while he narrated his life and struggles. Interspersed with his inspiring speech were multiple comments to the students to believe in themselves and that if he was able to become successful so could they. James next read his newly published, autobiographical, motivational children’s book to the class while a copy with illustrations was passed around.

My class of 20 students was spellbound. I Knew that James had touched a chord and connected with them. After the book was read there was a question and answer period which took a solid 15 minutes. Afterward, James and my students took pictures and exchanged information. My feedback from the students was that James was “real” “ inspiring” and some of my students have followed up on James offer to keep in contact. One of my students is deeply interested in music so James spoke to him about Dj’ing. Another student talked to James about the Modeling industry and James went out of his way to give her advice and information.

I have known James for 2 years now. We met at The NY sports club where he is a personal trainer. When I told him I was a teacher at a transfer alternative school James immediately offered to come in to speak to my students. At first, I was worried because my students have a troubled history academically and socially with many people coming in and out of their lives. I am so happy to say that they behaved wonderfully with sympathy and support and that James reciprocated by inspiring them and by acting with the greatest professionalism and respect. My Administration and other staff that were present all agreed that we would recommend James to go to any school to speak to students. To have students believe that they can have a bright future as long as, like James said, they believe in themselves and put the hard work in. We all need a role model we can relate to and a mentor who can and will be there for us. James thank you for being that Role model/ Mentor to my students.

Mr. DiMaggio
Social Studies Teacher, Harlem Renaissance H.S.